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spring came so suddenly.....all march it rained...at least 15 inches in 3 weeks. heavy snow fell, and the ground was so saturated huge oaks toppled over, roots and all, lying on the ground with their budding branches lying sadly down.  the days were so dark and overcast i couldn't tell they were getting longer.

but the plants knew. daffodils bloomed madly all over, banks and patches in the meadows of startling yellow, bending gracefully from long green stems. flowering quince stands out crimson next to violet blue vinca... all the meadows are the intense green of new grass, complemented by the soft blue of the sky in spring.  lilacs began to leaf out, and the poppy seeds i hopefully planted weeks ago are beginning to sprout, tiny green leaves emerging from the dark earth.  in the greenhouse, broccoli are forming heads! we've been harvesting greens all winter, and it's time to replant. we tilled 3000 square feet of garden this weekend, and planted 2 magnolia trees. i'm ready to plant potatoes and onions and garlic... spring!

it's been a while...

well, it's been a while since we have checked it. why? it's winter, or was until a few days ago...at least according to the moon and stars. meanwhile the weather has been nothing but rain, snow, and hail. as a matter of fact it's raining right now.
cabin fever is working on evading both rose and i. however, we fight it as we keep on rain or shine. me, building fences, doing electrical work, and just cleaning the place up. rose has been adding to her winter garden and is anxiously waiting for things to warm up so that she can plant the zillions of seeds she bought. if half of what we have comes to fruition, we will be able to feed a plethora of people. so, we are hoping for some sun and warmth soon.
bella, our adopted dog from the big island loves being able to run around on her own 27 acres. she's still a puppy and needs some training, so rose is taking her to obedience school beginning tomorrow. :)
we've learned that we have thousands of daffodils growing all over the place. that beautiful yellow flower that keeps on poking its head out of the wet, damp soil. we have also learned, but not seen yet, that we have a bear around here. i'm keeping on the look out.
so for now the gardens, the barns, and creating a studio for rose are our focus. summer gardens are coming.
as for the tractor...still waiting. a john deere 790 with not too many hours on it would be great. $ is an issue in preventing it happening right now.
i'm going to try and get rose to write the next blurb as she has so, so much  more to share.
meanwhile...stay well, enjoy the fun, and keep on keeping on. come on up and  visit, we have lots of room.
darkstar, over and out.

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