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Ripples In Still Water

Minor Notes

home again

we just got home from the Big Island where we spent 10 days living in our annual paradise of  Hawaiian living. we had a great time of snorkeling with the dolphins, attending 3 David Nelson concerts, eating fresh organic Hawaiian food, seeing friends, relaxing, and best of all we found a dog and flew it home with us. her name is Bella, she is a mix of lab and Australian shepherd and she mightily survived the flight home.
today was her first romp through the mystical lands of Darkstar Oaks. she seemed to love it. now she has to adjust to a bit colder climate, but no doubt she will be fine.
Rose came back with a cold...probably from all that "airplane air" as we lost the two hours we gained on our flight out of Oakland. she took some tie dyes for ambiance for one of the concerts and sold one without really even trying. this was a vacation and not a time to go about marketing.
all was well at home when we returned...except we learned that one of our laying hens is not a hen. rather she (he) is a rooster. now to get rid of him an acquire a few more hens for fresh eggs.
all is well as i began to reacquaint myself today with the things that need to be done to keep this place going. i love it!
so...keep on keeping on as we do the same. more to come.

Just A Note

Yep, it's Winter here and we are loving it. Little did we know that we would burn through 3 cords of firewood already, or that we would become ecstatic when the inside temperature reached 63 degrees,  or that it snowed on occasion, or that the pond would freeze (if even for a day), or that the creek would rise so high after the rains, or that we could go a week without going into town (which is only a mile an a half away), or that we would feel like we were truly and finally at home.  It's a fact...WE LOVE IT here at Darkstar.

So, we did go to the Bay Area for Christmas and we picked up the rest of Rose's stuff and brought it home to store. The barn and container are full! Oh yeah, we are also storing some stuff for a friend too. We have a great renter for the cottage and he's hardly ever here, though we wouldn't mind if he was here. We've had several visitors stay over (we have plenty of room upstairs) and we love to here them express how beautiful and peaceful it is here in Mendocino County, the home of Darkstar.

I have the main barn all cleaned up now. All tools and equipment is accounted for and best of all, I know where it is! Rose has a small Winter garden going, the chickens are growing and soon to lay eggs. We are thinking about getting a dog. I've been mending fences and putting in gates between pastures.

Right now there are a plethora of frogs croaking West of the house. It sounds like a concert we've never heard before.  It's amazing to begin to become one with nature and enjoy each and every moment. We seldom have much concept of what time it might be. We pretty much go by light and dark.

Today the grand-daughter of a former owner came by to see the old place. She told us about memories of her early days here and was thrilled to see that the place was just as she remembered it. She had so many great stories to share and was pleased that we were working on bringing it all back to the way it use to be.

Well that's about it for now.  However, please check out Rose's Ocean Song Silks. They are fantastic. Of course we have some hanging in the house as they add a great sense of ambiance and movement to this place we call Darkstar.

More to come in a few weeks.

Carry on...



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